We are very well aware of our social responsibilities the well-being of the entire society. Social welfare is not the same as standard of living but is more concerned with the quality of life specially health and uplift of living standards of needy people. For this we are working on the social health project named as “ wonhar hospital” details are as follows. WONHAR HOSPITAL TRUST IN BRIEF The main purpose of Raja Fatah Muhammad Wonhar Hospital is to provide the best possible medical facilities to the poor and those who are deprived of such facilities. Therefore a special attention will be paid to ensure that women and children are provided with quality medical facilities. In order to achieve this goal construction of the hospital is in process where best medical facilities will be provided to the local people without any discrimination. At the center of the Wonhar area on jhamro road this hospital covers an area of two acre.

Along with the construction of the building this hospital will also be equipped with latest medical technology and facility. There are approximately thirty villages near the proposed location of the hospital comprising on a population of approximately two hundred thousand people who are deprived of the basic health care facilities.
“Raja Fatah Muhammad Wonhar Hospital” is a beginning of a very long journey. In future we see a complete hospital equipped with all the latest medical equipment’s, where all kinds of medical facilities will be provide to the people living in the area. Project Cost
As per estimated on the time of ground breaking the approximate figures of project cost are described in below templates.