Reaper Binder 4k-150

Reaper binder 4k-150 machine is a new product with advanced technology and own property right. It will cut and bind crops automatically. With a differential steering system. 4k-150 can be used in harvesting and binding many crops such as wheat, rice, barley, oat, reed, sesame, etc. It’s applicable to work in the plain, hill, slope, and small fields.




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Structure type Connect the front and rear rack shafts
Dimensions L x W x H 3550 x 1950 x 1330 mm
Engine Model 192F Diesel Engine
Tire Type Rubber wheels 4.50-19 / 4.00-12
Blades type Standard VI type
Number of fixed blades 17
Strapping Method Fully automatic mechanical
Binding Height 270-300 mm
Binding rate 95%
Loss Rate 1%
Cutting Height 50mm