Ground Engaging Tools

Top-quality ground engaging tools make a big difference in how well your machine performs. CTP offers top quality ground engaging tools for all earth-moving equipment such as Loaders, Excavators, Backhoe, Dozers, Rippers, Motor Graders, Paving Products, and Scrapers. We are proud to offer high-quality ground engaging tools with the latest designed shapes for outstanding performance and value in a wide range of applications. Whether you are in the business of construction, excavation, mining, trenching, or any other earth-moving enterprise, the value you demand your money can be found in CTP ground engaging tools.



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Motor Grader Blades: CTP® Grader blades are manufactured from Boron Steel Alloy and heat treated and tempered to needed specifications to ensure the best combination of wear and impact resistance.

Tips and Adapters: CTP® Tips and Adapters are designed to maximize wear life and efficiency. Hardness HRC >= 49°, Impact strength akv >= 28j/cm²

Ripper Teeth: Ripper’s teeth are used in very hostile environments, making it necessary to purchase a quality brand. CTP Branded ripper’s teeth provide rapid penetration and aggressive ripping angle, along with increased impact resistance. There are several styles of ripper’s teeth. The Centerline teeth are used in conditions where penetration is not a problem and Penetration teeth are used in conditions where penetration is difficult.