Engine Kits

FP Diesel® components and kits help fleets of all sizes rebuild their hardest-working engines.

Proven Technologies for Rebuilding Commercial Engines

In-Frame and Overhaul Kits customized to include cylinder components, engine bearings, and gasket sets.
Concise application information.
A full complement of oversized and undersized.
Conveniently packaged in a single box.



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IN-FRAME KIT                         Typical In-Frame Kit includes: OVERHAUL KIT                                      Typical Overhaul Kit includes:
Pistons Pistons
Rings Rings
Pins and Retainers Pins and Retainers
Cylinder Liners and O-Rings Cylinder Liners and O-Rings
Connecting Rod Bearings Connecting Rod Bearings
Main Bearings Main Bearings
Head Gasket Set Head Gasket Set
Oil Pan Gasket Set Lower Gasket Set
Front and Rear Crankshaft Seals