Cylinder Components

FP Diesel® components and kits help fleets of all sizes rebuild their hardest-working engines.

Full range of pistons, liners, piston rings, pins, and sealing rings
Engineering for optimal performance when installed together as a complete repair solution
Proven piston designs including aluminum, cast iron, articulated and Powerforged® one-piece steel
Conveniently packaged in a single box



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FP Diesel Powerforged ® ISX15/QSX15
Innovative technology increases structural strength, offers superior ring belt stability, and significantly reduces piston temperatures.
Steel Piston – Enabling Technology.
Monosteel Piston Cooling Gallery Design.

Feature an exclusive friction-welded, closed gallery design.
Its closed gallery allows oil to reach more of the piston’s interior surfaces, including the undercrown, maximizing cooling and extending service life.
High Combustion Temperature